A Social Network For Finding Talent in the Restaurant Industry

There is a new place online for restaurant industry professionals to find jobs, network, and share content.

In an article from Inc., author John White writes, “As a culinary or service professional, you’re not seeking to submit your resume in the same pool as a contractor or marketer. You want an intuitive tracking and monitoring system to allow you the best results (and the best pay) for the position you’re looking for in any job”.

In this article, White discusses:

  • Industry.co
  • Keeping it tight
  • Keeping it growing
  • Keeping it simple

White continues, “You can market your skills and entice businesses to hire you by staying consistent, building relationships, and keeping up to date on all of the information and news within your industry. While you might think you’ve lost connection with jobs in the world of hospitality, you have the opportunity to build your career bigger and better than you thought you ever could with Industry”.  Try out Industry.co today!

To read more, see the full article  from John White in Inc.