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State and Local Tax Compliance

Retail shops, hotels, and restaurants face a variety of state and local tax regulations specific to their industry. For instance, food delivery businesses may juggle different reporting and filing requirements if they are delivering to multiple states. Hotels may be subject to a variety of local occupancy taxes. Understanding your specific state and local tax requirements is essential to avoiding penalties, late fees, or missed tax saving opportunities.

The hospitality team at Scott and Company works with you to manage your vulnerabilities through proactive state tax planning. We ask the necessary questions to gain a holistic understanding of your business so we can develop a plan that meets your needs. Should you be faced with an audit, we will help you mitigate your tax liability and, if possible, deal directly with the officials in the state requesting the audit.

We offer a wide range of state and local tax services to meet your needs, including:

  • Multi-State income tax diagnostic review
  • Multi-State tax amnesty and voluntary disclosure agreement preparation
  • Multi-State taxability matrices preparation
  • Multi-State tax minimization strategy development and implementation
  • Multi-State corporate restructuring
  • Multi-State tax audit management and defense
  • Multi-State tax credit and incentive management
  • Multi-State sales and Use Tax review
  • Multi-State tax research and issue analysis
  • Multi-State personal property tax analysis
  • Multi-State tax education and training

For more information about our state and local tax services, please contact us at 803.256.6021.