Are Co-ops the Future of a Sustainable Restaurant Industry?

Co-op restaurants may be the key for the sustainable future of the restaurant industry. A worker owned business may seem far fetched, but it seems to be catching on, and many industry leaders are noticing.  

In an article from East Bay Express, author Momo Chang writes, “Cooperatives are back on people’s minds as the local restaurant industry feels the squeeze of rising minimum wage, commercial rent increases, and worker turnover that’s higher than ever before”.

In the article Chang discusses:

  • The Cheese Board in Berkeley and their co-op success
  • What makes co-ops unique
  • The challenges associated with co-ops

Chang continues, “A worker-owned cooperative typically has a formal structure of equality, where there’s no division between bosses and workers — everyone is a boss. Worker-owners, sometimes called “members,” typically earn more than minimum wage, receive better-than-average benefits, and split profits at the end of the year. Business decisions are made collectively”. Have you considered a co-op restaurant?

To read more, see the full article from Momo Chang in East Bay Express.