Does Your Restaurant Need to Offer Mobile Ordering?

Does mobile ordering make sense for you restaurant? While many customers find it convenient to order food straight from their phone, many small restaurant owners do not have the capability both financially and technologically to offer mobile ordering.

In an article from Business News Daily author Lori Fairbanks writes, “The expense and technological know-how needed to create and maintain a mobile ordering app may be daunting, but if you’re looking for strategies to give your restaurant a competitive edge, offering mobile order-ahead is worth looking into – and there are several options that are less expensive and easier to implement than a custom app”.

In the article Fairbanks discusses:

  • Doing better business
  • Average order sizes increase when customers order ahead
  • Competitive advantage
  • Repeat business
  • Benefits programs

Fairbanks continues, “Working with an order-ahead aggregator, are viable solutions that restaurant owners would do well to investigate”. What are your thoughts on mobile ordering?

To read more, see the full article from Lori Fairbanks in Business News Daily.