Facebook Launches Massive Restaurant Delivery Database

Facebook has launched a nationwide delivery service. As of October 13th, Facebook users can order food for delivery or pick-up right from the restaurant facebook page.

In an article from Eater, author Daniela Galarza writes, “Facebook’s new Order Food menu (within the Explore menu) is a master database of restaurants. Most also have Facebook pages; all of the restaurants listed already offer delivery via an app-based program”.

In the article, Galarza discusses how the Facebook Order Food menu:

  • Works for users
  • Works for restaurants
  • Works for Facebook

Galarza continues, “Food delivery is one of the fastest growing segments in the restaurant business. Online food orders account for 43 percent of all food delivery orders; that number is expected to grow through 2021”. Is your restaurant planning on taking advantage of the Facebook Order Food menu?

To read more, see the full article from Daniela Galarza in Eater.