How a Small Restaurant Can Use Its Data

Data usage is used in many businesses, including the restaurant industry. By using point of sale data, restaurants can become data driven and make informed decisions.

In an article from Forbes, author Lutz Finger writes, “Big Data sounds often like Big Business, but the power of data is available even to small businesses without extensive resources. Point of sale data coupled with Excel and basic statistical knowledge can be leveraged to drive informed decisions and make businesses data driven”.

In the article, Finger discusses

  • The challenges of logistics
  • Transforming data into results
  • Data for small businesses

Finger continues, “Small businesses often have good control of their data.  If the wealth of information from their own point of sales system is not sufficient, one can easily merge publicly available data, as the team did with weather and holiday information.  Often no complex tools are needed to make data work”. How is your restaurant using data to develop strategies for your business?

To read more, see the full article from Lutz Finger in Forbes.