How to Become an Elite Restaurant Brand

Competition in the restaurant industry can be found on every street. To become a successful restaurant, growth is key. But how can you grow with so much competition?

In an article from QSR Magazine, author Mary Avant writes, “In today’s limited-service landscape, competition is fierce, growth is key, and companies are doing everything they can to turn their brand into one of America’s elite”.

In this article Avant discusses these milestones to aim for:

  • 1,000 units
  • $1 billion in sales
  • $2 Million AUV

Avant continues, “But what does it mean to be elite in this industry? While there are countless paths to success, industry experts agree there are three sure-fire milestones that signify whether a brand is a limited-service heavyweight: 1,000 units, $1 billion in sales, and $2 million average unit volume (auv)”. Can your restaurant hit these milestones and become an elite company?

To read more, see the full article from Mary Avant in QSR Magazine.