Restaurants Are the New Factories

Jobs in the food industry are booming. While at first glance this seems to be a step towards a revitalized economy, adding all these jobs may not be a positive thing.

In an article from The Atlantic, author Derek Thompson writes, “Restaurant jobs are on fire in 2017, growing faster than health care, construction, or manufacturing”. Thompson continues, “Unlike mining or manufacturing, which tends to cluster in a handful of regions, the restaurant boom is spread across the country”.

In the article Thompson discusses:

  • The boom in the restaurant industry
  • How this trend happened
  • Is this growth sustainable?

Thompson continues, “Although it may feel like a golden age of restaurants in America, the truth is that the United States might have too many restaurants, particularly “family-casual” chains like Applebee’s, which have struggled to keep up with rising labor costs”.

To read more, see the full article from Derek Thompson in The Atlantic.