The Optimal Table Turnover Time is 45 Minutes

How long is the average table turnover at your restaurant? Data suggest you should be aiming for 45 minutes or your revenue and tips will decrease.

In an article from Nation’s Restaurant News, author Lisa Jennings writes, “Looking at data from thousands of restaurants and millions of transactions in 2017, the software analytics firm released an inaugural report on industry trends. Among those trends is tipping, which was a hot-button issue last year”.

In the article, Jennings discusses:

  • “Campers”
  • Average tip and check by region

Jennings continues, “Upserve found that the average tip increased with time spent at the table, up until about the 40- to 50-minute mark. Likewise, meal costs tended to flatline after guests had spent around 30 to 40 minutes at the table”. What strategies can you use to get customers in and out?

To read more, see the full article from Lisa Jennings in Nation’s Restaurant News.