Why Restaurants Give More Than They Get

The restaurant industry is much more than a service – it is an experience. Restaurant owners share the belief that there is much more to running a successful restaurant than sales.

In an article from Nation’s Restaurant News, author Jim Sullivan writes about hearing Tom Krouse, president and CEO of Donatos Pizza, address a conference of his franchise partners and general managers in Columbus, Ohio. According to Krouse, “we in the restaurant industry are not merely in the business of transacting food and beverage sales; we are first and foremost stewards of special moments in people’s lives. As proof, he made the point that our industry is unique in that we give much more than we get”.

In the article, Sullivan discusses:

  • Transform, don’t just transact
  • Preach what you practice
  • Benchmark
  • Change

Sullivan continues, “While our industry isn’t perfect, it is both democratic and opportunistic for everyone it employs and serves. The underlying operating philosophy of the restaurant industry may well be these words: “When you give more than you get, you get more than you give”.

To read more, see the full article from Jim Sullivan in Nation’s Restaurant News.