With Carryout and Delivery On The Rise, Restaurants Are Getting Redesigned

Mobility has become part of our every-day life. In terms of the restaurant industry, people are opting to stay at home and order food rather than going to a restaurant. Adapting to the current delivery trend might be the key for restaurant success.

In an article from the Chicago Tribune, author Samantha Bomkamp writes, “From added food preparation lines to reconfigurations that expand space for people to stand and wait for takeout orders, joining the digital revolution has required restaurants to make physical changes in their kitchens and dining areas”.

In this article Bomkamp discusses:

  • Delivery vs. eating in
  • How restaurants are changing
  • Designing restaurants of the future

Bomkamp continues, “Some changes are as small as adding a shelf to stash mobile orders awaiting pickup. But the changes can be much bigger, all the way up to creating a separate kitchen altogether to handle all the new mobile orders from those who prefer eating restaurant-prepared meals on their couch”. How is your restaurant adapting to the digital revolution?

To read more, see the full article from Samantha Bomkamp in the Chicago Tribune.