2018 Tech Trends: In What Areas Should Your Hotel Be Looking to Upgrade?

Technology is ever-expanding and evolving, and various technological innovations are constantly being adapted to perform in new industries, including the hospitality industry. Larry Mogelonsky, owner of Hotel Mogel Consulting Limited, offers the following recommendations on which hoteliers should consider acquiring and implementing in 2018.

  1. Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology – Though the task of setting up a unified CRM is a mammoth one in the hotel industry, it is well worth your efforts. The results include more-effective promotional offers, the ability to create custom guest experiences, and increasing ancillary revenue.
  2. Upgrade to Smart TVs – As the consumer accessibility of smart TVs grows, now is the time to consider a bulk upgrade of your in-room monitors. Not only have prices lowered, overall, on smart TVs, but the latest models boast a high degree of device compatibility (useful when you move towards upgrading to other “smart” tech, like thermostats and signage) and a low depreciation rate.
  3. Install Casting Boxes – The ability of guests to cast media from their devices to in-room televisions is moving from a value-add to an expectation in the guest mindset. Luckily, like the smart TVs discussed in the previous point, casting boxes are becoming cheaper and simpler, and televisions more amenable to their use.
  4. Add Digital Imaging Technology – With the drop in price and rise in durability of OLEDs, consider installing screens in public spaces throughout your hotel and using them to display electronic signage or eloquent artwork. Even consider seeking the advice of an art consultant in this area.
  5. Employ Technology in Staff Management and Training – Implementing mobile training apps for staff can be particularly useful when onboarding new associates and communicating to current employees. This type of technology can save time during training, increase accountability and strengthen the morale of your team.
  6. Promote Healthy Living – The popularity of wellness programs at hotels is on the rise. Initially driven by management’s desire to keep workers healthy for longer, the trend is now being bolstered on the other side, by members of younger generations who are constantly seeking interactive tools to keep them healthy and moving.

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