Are You Ready for the New Restaurant Era?

In order to bolster their bottom line, many restaurants have started expanding by adding extra services, such as catering, delivery, online ordering, and more. A recent article published by Restaurant Business examines these off-premise enterprises in three key areas:

  1. Why pursue off-premise opportunities? Generally, the goal of businesses that develop in this are is modernizing their operations and/or increasing revenue. As such, implementing new technologies is a key component of successful off-premise investments.
  2. How can restaurants remain successful in the off-premise era? Restaurants must make sure not to forget that food and labor remain both their major costs and their key investment areas. Strong labor and food operations provide the foundation that restaurants need in order to attain success.
  3. Can off-premise operations help restaurants grow? The short answer is yes. Data shows that off-premise sales are growing as a percentage of total restaurant sales. In order to remain successful and relevant, restaurants should seriously consider expanding in this area.

Off-premise operations offer exciting possibilities. To learn more, read the article in full at Restaurant Business.