Revenue and Cost Strategy Tips for Independent Hotels

In a recent article for hospitalitynet, Robert Rauch, CHA, President of RAR Hospitality offers guidance for independent hotels on finding the right tools and cost generators to best fit their business. His advice includes the following:

  • A savvy sales team is key—this group can either make or break your hotel.
  • Addressing global distribution system business, while tedious, is important for revenue.
  • The most cost-effective business for a boutique hotel is direct bookings.
  • It is tough, but important, to find a good balance between meeting rooms and sleeping rooms at your independent hotel.
  • While events don’t always bring with them a large number of roomnights, a key portion of their benefit comes in the form of free marketing.
  • Make your hotel a destination. Highlight both included amenities (such as a great hotel bar) and local attractions.

Rauch concludes the article with an emphasis on the importance of digital marketing via social media and the use of search engine optimization techniques on your website. He explains that “establishing your hotel’s identity and voice and ensuring that they are effectively communicated to all outlets is a must.”

For more details, read the article in full at hospitalitynet.