Strategies for Building Guest Loyalty

In the hospitality industry, it is widely agreed that it is more cost-effective to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones. In a recent article for HospitalityNet, author Kate Hayward examines strategies for gaining loyal, repeat customers.

Hayward first looks at factors that cause customers to keep coming back. Many hotel guests enjoy rewards programs that allow them to accrue points and benefits as a result of repeated stays. Another key factor is unique amenities that make stays feel more luxurious. Some hotels offer these in-house, while others partner with local businesses in order to diversify available offerings.

Building off of these ideas, Hayward offers the following cost-effective strategies for improving guest experiences and creating more loyal customers:

  • Add staff members tasked specifically with improving the customer experience (e.g., bellhops and valets)
  • Partner with local service providers to add services such as fitness classes, courier service, or food and necessity delivery.

The author also recommends that hoteliers avoid putting off property upgrades in order to avoid disappointing their guests. These include both updates to décor and a focus on key safety issues. For more details, read the article in full at HospitalityNet.