Thinking of Outsourcing Your Hotel Labor? Think Again.

One common method for cutting costs in the hospitality industry is to outsource a hotel’s staff. While this does generally result in cost savings, certain drawbacks may mean that outsourcing hotel labor is not the best choice, writes Larry Mogelonsky in a recent article for HospitalityNet.

In what ways can outsourced labor be detrimental to a hotel’s operations? Mogelonsky gives the following reasons:

  • A guest’s interactions with staff members are important to the quality of their visit. If staff is constantly changing, the quality of the interaction is reduced.
  • Retaining experienced team members makes hotel operations smoother. New staff members lack the institutional memory of both operations and regular guests that long-term staff have developed.
  • The most effective customer service requires good teamwork—this is impossible when staff is constantly in flux. On top of that, there are particular costs associated with constantly training new staff members.

For more details, read the article in full at HospitalityNet.