Why Chain Restaurants Should Take a Lesson from Local Establishments

The restaurant industry has experienced a fundamental shift: the role of major casual-dining brands as tastemakers and trendsetters has been severely diminished, while smaller, local operators have seen a large boost in influence and appeal. Nancy Kruse, a menu trend analyst, offers the following suggestions for what smaller operators can teach big chain restaurants:

  1. Strive to balance your menu with both traditional and creative options. Hang on to iconic dishes but don’t shy away from contemporary updates.
  2. Celebrate Your Staff. Consider a yearly employee party where you hand out awards that honor excellence among the front and back of house staff, and recognize an Employee of the Year from among managers, chefs, and corporate office workers.
  3. Consider branching out by establishing diverse menu concepts. Rather than solely focusing on multiplying one restaurant concept, build a portfolio of varied restaurant types.

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